Airtel Data Balance Check Number & USSD Code to Know 4G/5G Data Availability

Online methods for checking your Airtel balance, including your primary amount, data balance, validity, and SMS pack. Bharti Airtel is a well-known telecom provider with operations all over the world. You may join Airtel to take advantage of fantastic savings on broadband, calls, and SMS.

Airtel Data Balance Check 4G/5G

Customers may contact Airtel 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to express their problems. Also, the service provider provides a variety of USSD codes that enable consumers to get information about their balance.

Airtel Data Balance Check Number & USSD Code to Know 4G/5G Data Availability
  • The following are the several methods you may use to check your Airtel balance:
  • by installing the MyAirtel app and signing in. You may view your plan’s validity, balance, statistics, and other information there.
  • By going to the Airtel Self-care assistance website at You must provide both your mobile number and the OTP that was sent to that number. You may also view the main balance and the data balance.
  • To check the status and calling balance of your Airtel line, dial *123#.
  • To check the Airtel 3G or 4G net balance, dial *121# and then enter 5.

1, How can I check the amount on my Airtel account online?

With your Airtel number and OTP, you may download the MyAirtel app and log in. You can check your account balance, data balance, recharge history, and special offers on the app.

2, What is the amount on my Airtel main account?

To check the balance of your Airtel main account, dial *123#. The remaining funds on your main account are the sums available for internet, SMS, and call-related expenses. Also, you may check your Airtel net balance by dialling *123*10#.

3, On my phone, how can I see my Airtel number?

With your mobile device, dial *282# to see your phone number displayed on the screen.

4, How can I see my Airtel Postpaid Bill details?

To obtain an ebill, you must sign up with your operator. The email will include a thorough bill for a certain time period that lists every calls and text messages sent from the phone.

5, How can I verify the validity of my Airtel plan?

You may get information about your Airtel mobile numbers, including SMS balance, validity, data balance, and talktime, using the USSD code. In order to check your balance and validity, dial 1212#. To view the specifics of your next bundles, enter 1. To get your data balance information, enter 2.

6, How can I get my Airtel number back?

To request the reactivation of your Airtel number, write an email to Also, you may file a reactivation request at the closest Airtel shop. Provide your identity and address proofs. You will get a confirmation call after submitting, and then your mobile number will be reactivated.

7, How can I get Airtel SMS balance?

Dial 1217# to get your Airtel SMS balance and validity details