Port Jio to Airtel, How to Port Jio to Airtel?

How to switch from Jio to Airtel in less than 2 minutes, Hello, friends! In this post, we’ll talk about switching from a Jio SIM to an Airtel SIM. This information will benefit you if you have a Jio SIM and want to switch to Airtel. This will happen; when it does, it will be easy to change your SIM card to Airtel. To do this, read our whole piece carefully.

How to Port Jio to Airtel

In the beginning, Jio gave its users a lot of benefits, which is why many people started using this SIM. However, later on, people started having problems with it, like with the network and other things. People want to port their Jio SIM to Airtel so they don’t have to change their phone number when they switch SIMs. This way, anyone can still reach you at your old number.

How to switch from Jio to Airtel

If you don’t like one company’s service, you can switch your SIM card to one from another company. You need to take a few easy steps to do this, and then you can port your Jio SIM to any other company. Today, we’ll talk about how to switch from Jio to Airtel. You must take these steps if you want to switch from Jio to Airtel.

Before you can port your number to another number, you have to send an SMS from your number. Only after you have done that can you port your number to another number; we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it, which is as follows.

  • First, you must write PORT on your phone and leave a space. Then, you must register your cell phone number and send this message to 1900.
  • For example, if your phone number is 9999988888, you would write PORT 9999988888 and send it to 1900.
  • The company will now send you an SMS with a UPC and information about how long it will take.
  • Once you have the UPC, you must go to an Airtel Service Center or talk to a seller of Airtel SIM cards.
  • Now, you must ask him to switch your Jio SIM to Airtel. After that, the seller will ask for your UPC, which you give to the seller.
  • The seller will now give you a SIM card. Take it.

In this way, you can switch your Jio SIM to Airtel. Even after you get the Airtel SIM, you can keep the Jio SIM in your phone for a while. When the Jio SIM’s network goes out, your Airtel SIM will automatically start working. After this is done, you can put that Airtel SIM card into your phone, and then you can start using Airtel on your phone.

How To Online Port Jio To Airtel

You can also switch your Jio SIM to Airtel online if you want to. It’s also easy to switch SIM cards online, and with the way we’re going to show you, you can change your Jio SIM to Airtel online. To do this, you must follow the steps we give you.

  • To transfer a SIM card online, you must first go to https://www.airtel.in/mnp/.
  • Now, you’ll see the recharge plans here. You need to choose the Rs 499 or Rs 999 plan, then click “Buy.”
  • (You might be thinking that you have to choose a recharge plan. If so, we’ll tell you that for offline SIM porting, you can recharge after moving, but for online porting, you have to restore first, and then you can recharge your SIM. Can move the SIM card.
  • A new page will open before you, and you’ll need to fill out your name, city name, address, etc., for KYC verification. Once you’ve filled out the form correctly, you’ll need to click “Submit.”
  • An Airtel representative will come to your house to give you the SIM card. After that, you’ll be asked for your UPC, which you can get by sending an SMS to 1900 as described above. Tell the Airtel representative your UPC, and he’ll give you your SIM card. I will turn on the SIM card.

This way, switching your Jio number to Airtel is easy. Once you get the Airtel SIM, you’ll need to keep it with you, and if your Jio SIM network goes down, you can switch your number to Airtel. Put the Airtel SIM card in your phone, and then you can use this Airtel SIM card in your phone.

How long will it take for my phone to switch from Jio to Airtel?

Many wonder how long it takes to activate or move a Jio SIM to Airtel. We can tell you that most people already have this SIM on their phones. The SIM can be moved within 24 hours, but it may take longer for some people. This process could take up to 7 days to finish, so porting the SIM will take at least 7 days. You might have to hold out until.

How to tell if a SIM card has been moved or not

Many ask, “How will we know if the SIM has been ported?” When you port your SIM, the network on your Jio SIM will go away, and the network will come on your Airtel SIM. When Jio’s network disappears, you remove the Jio SIM and put in your Airtel SIM. Then, you can use your phone with the Airtel SIM just fine.

What You Need To Do To Move Your Airtel SIM

If you want to switch your SIM, you’ll need some paperwork. Here are the papers you’ll need.

  • To transfer a SIM, you need one of the papers you used to buy the SIM, such as an Aadhar card, an identity card, a driver’s license, etc., and two passport-sized photos.
  • Your Jio SIM must be at least 90 days old to be it.
  • You must pay your old SIM’s fees to switch from a regular SIM to a prepaid SIM. You won’t be able to move the SIM until you’ve paid all the bills.

What to do if the UPC has run out?

Many people find that their UPC has already expired when they try to port their SIM. If this happens, you don’t have to do much except send the UPC. You must send the SMS back and then get a new UPC.

How much does it cost to move a number?

If you want to switch from Jio to Airtel, the port charge is Rs. 6.46. You also have to pay the SIM charge, and if you get the SIM moved from a store, they will charge you Rs. Also, you can set up to Rs 100.

How to turn a port off

Many people port their SIMs, but then, for whatever reason, they want to stop the porting. If you also want to cancel the porting, you can do so easily by cancelling your Jio number. You must send “Cancel Space Mobile Number from SIM” to 1900. After this, you won’t be able to switch your SIM card. You can also stop the movement of your SIM card this way.

But you should know that if you cancel the SIM port, the money taken from you will not be returned.

Will the SIM’s plans for recharging and other features be available on the new SIM after porting?

If you port the SIM, you should know that whatever reload or plan you have on your Jio won’t be available on the new SIM, and you will get a new SIM after moving. The SIM has to be recharged again, so try to port your SIM when your Jio amount or plan is about to run out.

Figure out,

Through this piece, we’ve tried to tell you how to switch from Jio to Airtel. This will make it easy for you to switch from Jio to Airtel, and if you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask. You can tell us what kind of information you want by leaving a message, and if you find the information useful, please share it with your friends on social media so that more people can learn about it.