UCO Bank Mini Statement by Missed Call, SMS, Net Banking

Mini Statement from UCO Bank Call Toll Free Number Missed Do you have a UCO Bank account? One of the top commercial banks in India is United Commercial Bank. It takes pride in the growing number of consumers it has in the market.

UCO Bank Mini Statement

It provides top-notch services and works hard to meet the various demands of account holders. How can I check the amount of my account? How can you be informed about the most recent account activity?

UCO Bank Mini Statement Number

UCO Bank Mini Statement Number From your registered cellphone number, dialĀ 1800-274-0123, which is the UCO Bank balance inquiry number mini statement.

Printing a passbook is an easy way to discover the transactions. Using your debit card and choosing the appropriate option in the machine, you can also obtain a mini-statement from the ATM centre.

What if you need a small statement at midnight and are unable to access an ATM or a bank? Owners of UCO Bank accounts don’t need to worry under these circumstances.

The toll-free line for requesting the mini statement was launched by UCO Bank. By calling the toll-free number, account users can promptly obtain the mini statement through SMS.

Get your UCO Bank account’s mini-statement by placing a missed call.

  • From your mobile phone, dial 09213125125.
  • If you don’t leave a missed call, the call will be automatically ended after a few rings.
  • A little while later, you’ll get an SMS.
  • To see the specifics of the past five transactions that were done in your account, open the SMS.

The missed call service is available anytime, anyplace. Access to this service is available to account holders with registered mobile phones.

In order to link your mobile number to your bank account, register it with the bank.
You may use the missed call services and get real-time updates on the registered cellphone number.

You won’t be charged by the bank for requesting a mini-statement, and calling the number won’t cost you anything because it’s a toll-free number.