UCO Bank Address Change Form, How to Change Address in UCO Account? Online & Offline

How can I update my address on my UCO account? [Process for 10 minutes] The most reputable bank in India is UCO. Because of its convenient location, accessibility to branches and ATMs, and plenty of online services, most consumers like UCO bank. His guide may be useful to you now or in the future if you have a UCO account. The manual goes into great depth on how to modify your UCO account’s address.

UCO Bank Address Change

For some reason, the Address listed in a bank needs to be altered when we relocate to a new residence. Without an updated address, the bank will be unable to get in touch with you for any banking-related paperwork, and you risk missing out on the bank’s services.

UCO Bank Address Change Form

Download Change Address in Savings Account in UCO Bank Account PDF Format

Many UCO clients missed out on receiving their new ATM card because the Address is not current in bank records, despite the fact that the New Chip-based ATM card was required to be sent to the Address as well. This article explains how to modify your UCO account’s address in a few easy steps.

Documents necessary to update your address in your UCO account – To do this operation, minimal KYC documents are needed. The list of approved papers is shown below:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card – Link PAN with your UCO account.
  • Ration Card
  • NREGA card
  • LIC policy – mentioning your current Address.
  • Election Card

Sign a document’s photocopy by taking it. The new Address must be specified in the document. If not, the bank will be unable to confirm your current address.

How can I update my address on my UCO account?

  • To modify your address in your UCO account, just follow these easy steps:
  • You must first go to your local UCO branch.
  • Request an Address change form at the help desk counter after your visit.
  • Complete the form by entering your account number, previous address, and current address. Verify the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Sign the document using your UCO account signature. Don’t forget to provide the date as well.
  • Now affix a photocopy of a document with your new address on it, and sign it. Verify the list of acceptable papers in the aforementioned section.
  • Send the relevant executive the relevant material.
  • The executive will request the original paperwork you’ve supplied so they can confirm the address.
  • The executive then changes the Bank database with your new address.
  • Your registered mobile phone will send you an SMS a few minutes later noting that “your address has been changed as per your request.”

This is how you may quickly alter your UCO account’s address.

How can I verify that my UCO account has the new address updated?

  • You may access UCO Internet Banking to check your new updated address.
  • Use your Internet banking user name and password to access your account.
  • Select the account number and go to the account statement.
  • Select the statement period after that, then click “Proceed.”
  • On the following screen, you may see information about your account, including the most recent Address.

How can I update my UCO credit card’s address?

It is fairly simple to alter your address if you have a UCO credit card. You can alter your address without going to the branch. Just carry out the following:

  • Print this form by opening it. – The UCO card address change form.
  • Make a scanned copy of the completed form.
  • Send this scanned copy to UCO’s addressproof@UCOcard.com email address if your address changes.
  • We’ll update your address in 7 working days.

Recap –

You can keep up with your KYC in the UCO by using this advice on how to modify your address in your UCO account. Simply fill out the UCO address change form and send it to the bank together with the necessary approved documentation to complete this task.