IOB Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, Change Of Mobile Number In IOB, IOB Mobile Number Change Form 2024

How Can A Mobile Number Be Changed In IOB? Are you contemplating how to modify your cellphone number in IOB? The Indian Overseas Bank, one of the most well-known government banks in India,

Change Of Mobile Number In IOB

Has millions of clients with savings accounts. If you have an IOB account as well, you are aware of how crucial it is to maintain your cell number current with the bank. You may use this to keep track of all transactions made using your account.

IOB Mobile Number Change Form

Nevertheless, many people have trouble changing their cellphone number in IOB. So don’t worry; in this article, we’ll discuss the simplest methods for changing your IOB cellphone number.

Download IOB Mobile Number  Change Form 2024
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Step 1: Use Internet banking to update your IOB cellphone number.

  • Go to OnlineIOB, IOB’s official website.
  • Register with your account. Then, select the “Profile” option.
  • Choose the “Personal information” link there.
  • Type in your profile password right now. The Display Name, Email ID, and Change cellphone number would be visible to you.
  • Choose “Change Mobile Number- Domestic Only (Via OTP/ATM)” from the list of links.
  • A new window will open. The new cellphone number would need to be entered there. Enter it and send it.
  • The screen will flash with the words “Check and Confirm your cellphone number xxxxxxxxxx.”
  • Click “Ok” to continue.
  •  A new screen will appear with two options for approving a change in cellphone number:

a)By OTP on both mobile numbers.
b) IRATA: Internet banking requests approval through ATM.

a) Via OTP sent to both mobile numbers:

The mobile number change can be approved with the use of an OTP if you have both the new and old mobile numbers.

  • Choose “Proceed” after selecting the circular button that reads “Via OTP on both the Mobile Number.”
  • Next, choose the account for which you have the debit card, then click Next.
  • Choose “Confirm” after clicking on the currently active ATM card.
    • The chosen ATM card number would appear on the following screen.
  • Type in the card information—Valid Through/Expiry Date, Card Holder Name, PIN, and the text from the image there—before clicking Continue.
  • The system would issue an OTP and a reference number to both your old and new numbers after a successful confirmation.
  • You must now send SMS using the following format from both your new and old numbers: ACTIVATE [8-digit OTP value] [13-digit reference number] to [567676] in the next four hours. ACTIVATE 09876543 UMI12051500123, as an example.
  • The new number would be instantly copied into Internet banking, the core banking service, and the ATM after the SMS validation is completed successfully. On your mobile device, you will also receive a notification confirming the successful updating of the number.

b) IRATA: ATM-based Internet Banking Request Approval:

  • Choose “IRATA: Internet Banking Request Approval via ATM” from the circular menu, then click “Continue.”
  • Next, choose the account for which you have the debit card, then click Next.
  • Choose “Confirm” after clicking on the currently active ATM card.
  • The chosen ATM card number would appear on the following screen.
  • Type the text shown in the image there after entering the card information, including the Valid To/Expiry Date, Card Holder Name, and PIN, and then click Continue.
  • At successful completion of the validation, you will get the following message: “Thank you for registering your cellphone number with us. Your request is currently in the pending stage. Please finish the registration procedure using the option you choose. To view the instructions for completing the procedure, click here.
  • After that, you will receive an SMS on your new mobile number with the subject “Reference No. for Change/Update Mobile Number is: UMXXXXXXXXXXX and your IRATA reference number is XXXXXXXXXX.”
  • You must visit the State Bank Group ATM, swipe your card, then choose the Services option after seeing this notice. Type in your PIN.
  • • Then, provide the 10-digit reference number for the request’s approval by selecting the “Internet Banking Request Approval” option under the “Others” tab on the ATM screen.
  • If this procedure is successful, the request will be granted.
  • Your new cellphone number will finally be updated in Internet Banking, Core Banking, and ATM following validation. For the same, you will also receive a note.

Method 2: Change Mobile Number in IOB Via IOB ATM

  • Insert your debit card into the IOB ATM at the nearby location.
  • To register, click on it and input your ATM PIN.
  • Choose “Update your cellphone number” from the menu.
  • Enter the previous cellphone number now to confirm.
  • Enter the new mobile number after that, then click “Submit.”
  • OTP will be sent to both of your phone numbers.
  • You must send an SMS from the new phone to 567676 after receiving the OTP.
  • After the successful authentication, your phone number will be updated.

Step 3: Modifying a mobile number within IOB through an IOB branch

  • Drop by the IOB branch closest to you.
  • Request a request letter.
  • Complete the necessary information and provide it to the executive.
  • After a successful verification, the branch would update the number.
  • After completed, you will get a message on your Change mobile number for the same.