Change Of Mobile Number In Indian Bank, Indian Bank Mobile Number Change Online & Offline, Indian Bank of India Mobile Number Form 2024

How to Replace Your Mobile Number in Your Indian Bank Account Do you have a bank account with an Indian bank and wish to update your registered cellphone number? How do you alter anything if you want to? What are the steps in that process? This page contains the answer to those problems.

Indian Bank Mobile Number Change Online

Your bank account must have your cellphone number registered. since there are many uses for the cellphone number associated with the bank account.

Indian Bank Mobile Number Change Offline

For the convenience of its consumers, banks offer a variety of services like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and SMS Banking. To utilise any of them, you must have a mobile number.

Change Of Mobile Number In Indian Bank

All transactions made using Internet Banking require a One Time Password (OTP). Only the registered mobile number will receive it.

Indian Bank of India Mobile Number Form 2024

The banks’ Missed Call Balance Enquiry service can be accessed via the registered mobile phone to get the balance through mobile.

You will also get SMS alerts when using your ATM card to conduct transactions. It’s critical to add your cell number to your bank account in order to access a variety of services.

You may want to change your mobile number for the following reasons.

  • The cellphone number might not already be linked to your Indian bank account.
  • It’s possible that you omitted to give your mobile number when you opened your bank account.

Does Indian Bank offer the ability to change a mobile number online?

Many banks allow their customers to change their mobile numbers through Net Banking and ATM Center. Indian Bank has recently entered the ranks. Indian Bank’s sole available option prior to this was visiting a bank branch (Offline). But, you may now update your mobile number in net banking online.

To learn more about how to change your mobile number online, click the link below and read.

There are some persons, though, who are unable to use online banking services. They must fill out the mobile number changing paperwork in person at the Indian Bank. The cellphone number cannot be transferred to their bank account till that time.

As a result, this post will show you how to change your mobile number by travelling directly to the bank location.

Download Indian Bank of India Mobile Number Change Form 2024 PDF

Name of Bank Indian Bank 
Service Category Mobile Number Update 
Mode Of Update Offline 
Toll-Free Number 1800 4250 0000

How to Update/Change a Mobile Number in an Indian Bank

The actions below can be used to change or update your registered mobile number.

  • Step 1: First, you must visit the branch where your bank account is located. While travelling, you must have both your Passbook and Aadhar Card with you.
  • Step 2: Go to the bank administrator and get a form for changing your mobile number.
  • Step 3: Fill out the form properly after obtaining it. You must enter the following information.

You must first enter the information for your bank account. Fill in your name, account number, mobile number, etc., in this manner.
Modify your mobile number by checking the box and entering it in the New Mobile Number form. Provide the mobile number that is already associated with your bank account in the Existing Mobile Number area.
At the bottom of the back page, you must then write in your signature, name, address, and other details.

  • Step 4: Deliver your completed form and a copy of your Aadhar to the bank manager. When providing the copy of the Aadhaar card, don’t forget to self-attest it.
  • Step 5: The Mobile Number will be changed to the Indian Bank bank account once your information has been validated.

After a day or two, your new cellphone number will be transferred.

A confirmation SMS will be issued to the new mobile number following the transfer. Confirmation SMSs may occasionally not be received. The Missed Call Balance Enquiry feature offered by Indian Bank can then be used to check.

That indicates that you should dial 09289592895 from your newly registered cellphone number. You will receive SMS notifications on the account balance if your mobile number changes. You might receive a notice stating that your cellphone number is not registered if you haven’t changed it yet.