Canara Bank ATM Block Number, How to Block/Unblock Canara Bank ATM Card

Would you like your Canara Bank debit card to be blocked or unblocked? You can momentarily block and unblock your ATM/debit card using Canara Bank mobile banking. You can lock/unlock your debit card if you have Canara Banj mobile banking.

Canara Bank ATM Block Number

You won’t be able to make any transactions, including withdrawals and payments, when you temporarily block your Canara Bank ATM card. To use your debit card, you must once more unlock your card.

  • You may utilise the block/unblock option to increase the security of your debit card. How to:

Canara Bank Debit Card Block/Unblock,

Step 1: After logging in, go to the “Cards” section by tapping on it to access it on the Canara Bank Mobile Banking application. Choose the “Block/Unblock Card” option that you can see here.

Step 2: Choose “Block Temporarily” from the menu.

Done! All debit card transactions will be disabled and your ATM/debit card will temporarily be stopped.

Just press the “Block/Unblock Card” option and choose “Unblock Temporarily,” as seen in the picture below, to unlock your debit card.

Customers of Canara Bank can therefore use mobile banking to restrict and unblock their debit cards. If you prefer a temporary block over a permanent one for your debit card, you may utilise this tool. Please take notice that you don’t need to temporarily ban your debit card if it has been lost or stolen; you may just block it permanently.