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How to Complete the SBI Bank KYC Form 2024 SBI Bank KYC Form 2024, do you have a State Bank Of India account? Do you want to know how to fill out the SBI Bank KYC form? Thus, in today’s article, I informed you “very easy” how to fill out the SBI Bank KYC form, and I broke the form into three parts to make it easier for you to complete out.


SBI KYC Form PDF download link is provided below in the article; download SBI KYC Form PDF utilising the direct link provided at the bottom of the text. Download the SBI KYC Form PDF for free using the direct download link at the bottom of this post.


KYC is an abbreviation for “Know Your Client.” It is the procedure through which a financial institution or another organisation collects information in order to establish a client’s identification. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) implemented the KYC procedure to combat financial crimes such as money laundering, identity theft, and illicit transactions.

SBI Re KYC Update Form

Submit the form to the bank executives with whom you have a bank account after properly filling it out and attaching the appropriate papers. Clients must update their KYC information at their bank branch by emailing or submitting a copy of their identity and address proof. If you use the online route, you must send the appropriate papers to the branch’s email address from your registered email account.

SBI केवाईसी अपडेट फॉर्म

SBI केवाईसी अपडेट फॉर्म

Following Download State Bank Of India KYC Update Form PDF Here

How to fill SBI Bank KYC Form 2024 – in 1 minute, when filling the KYC form of SBI, you need have passbook, Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport Size Picture papers since filling the KYC form of SBI may be tough without these.

Step 1: Personal Information

  1. To begin, put your passport-sized photo on the right side.
  2. Name of applicant: Fill in the name from your passbook here.
  3. Father/Spouse name: Fill in your father’s name here; if you are a woman, put in your husband’s name here.
  4. Gender: Check the box next to Male (Male) or Female (Female) (Female).
  5. If you are married, check the box next to Married; if you are single, check the box next to Single.
  6. Date of birth: You must enter your date of birth from your Aadhar card in this field.
  7. Nationality: You must select Indian.
  8. Status: You must vaccinate the resident in this case.
  9. PAN: Enter your PAN card number here.
  10. Unique identifying number / Aadhaar: Enter your Aadhar card number here.
  11. Identity proof submitted: If you wish to present your Aadhaar card, place a check in front of it, and if you want to give your PAN card or Voter ID, submit the name of the document and a photocopy of it.

Step2:- Address details

  • Address for correspondence: Fill in your address from your passbook in this field.
  • City/town/village: Fill in the name of your city, town, or village here.
  • State: Fill in the name of your state here.
  • Country: You must include India in this.
  • Pin code: You must enter your pin code here; if you do not know your pin code, you may easily look it up on Google.
  • Contact information: Enter the phone number you provided when you opened your bank account.
  • Permanent address: Fill in the address where you live here.
  • Proof of address: You must present a Proof of address document in this case. You can acquire a duplicate of your Aadhar card and submit it with it if you desire.

Step3:- Other details

  • Detail of gross yearly income: In this section, you must enter your annual income.
  • Gross Income: In this section, list your total assets.
  • Kind of occupation: Check the box next to any work you do.
  • Please check the following boxes if applicable: If you are not this, do not check any of the boxes.
  • Any other information: Leave it empty.
  • Candidates’ signatures: Here is where you must sign your name.


I’m sure you filled out the SBI KYC form quickly. If you have any questions regarding this form, you may ask a bank representative when you go to submit it.

If you encounter any difficulties when developing this form, please let me know in the ” Comment Box ” provided below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.