New Aadhar Card Form PDF Download 2024

Download the new Aadhaar card form in PDF format. The Aadhaar Card is an important form of identification. Samples of the fingers and eyes are used to make the Aadhaar card, so it can be used everywhere to prove who you are. Everyone needs to get an Aadhaar card now, and it’s a law. You can fill out the registration form and send it in if you also want an Aadhaar card.

How to Download New Aadhaar Card Application Form PDF ?

Form TypeAadhaar Card
Form NameAadhaar Card Application Form
Size335 KB
DownloadClick Here
Toll Fre Number1947

There are now places where you can get an Aadhaar card made. You can get an Aadhaar card by going to the Aadhaar station closest to you. To apply, you have to fill out and send in the registration form. The Aadhaar Center will give you this form. But we can also get it online and save it. Let’s find out how to download the PDF application form for the new Aadhar card online.

How do I fill out the form for an Aadhaar Card?

First, click on the link below to get the Aadhar Card application form. After that, you should print it. Fill out the form with the applicant’s name, gender, and date of birth. After that, put your full home address and PIN code in the next box. Fill out the other parts of the form as well. After you fill out the form, put the relative’s or applicant’s name or thumbprint below.

How Can I Get a New Aadhar Card?

Fill out the registration form and go to the nearest Aadhaar office to get a new card. At the base center, finger and eye samples will be taken. Along with the entry form, you must also send in the appropriate certificate. We’ve put the list of all acceptable badges in a PDF file below. You can get it on your computer and look at the certificates. Here’s how:

This post tells you everything you need to know about how to download the new aadhar card form in PDF. You can tell us in the comment box below if you have any trouble getting the application form or asking for an Aadhaar card. We’re here to help. Many thanks!