Nagaland Employee Pay Slip 2024, CAG Nagaland Salary Payslip Download

The Finance Department of Nagaland will publish Nagaland Employee GPF Slip 2024 or Nagaland Employee GPF Statement 2024 on its official website,

CAG Nagaland Employee Pay Slip

From the official web portal, https://nlagpf.Gov.In/login.On the personal home page, employees of Nagaland working in various departments can test information and download GPF annual statements.

Mizoram Employee Pay Slip 2024, Official Information

Document NameRegister on the portal, set up security
questions, and create a strong password.
PurposeTo provide a detailed breakdown of a
government employee’s monthly earnings in Nagaland.
Issued ByNagaland State Government
AccessOnline through the official Nagaland Pay Slip portal
FeaturesDigital format
Monthly updates
A detailed breakdown of earnings and deductions
Security MeasuresAdvanced encryption
Regular security audits
Strong password recommendations
Mobile AccessibilityMobile-responsive website
Support & ContactA dedicated support team is available
through the ‘Contact Us’ section on the portal
Additional FeaturesRegister on the portal, set up security
questions, and create a strong password.
Benefits for EmployeesInstant access to salary details
Digital record-keeping
Recommendation for New UsersRegister on the portal, set up security
questions, and create a strong password.

If you work for the government in Nagaland, you should know the significance of the GPF or General Provident Fund. It is a retirement investment plan for government personnel in India, including those in Nagaland.

As an employee, you may contribute a portion of your earnings to your GPF account, which earns interest over time. The procedure for verifying your GPF notice for the year 2024 has been streamlined in Nagaland.

How do I download the GPF slip for Nagaland employees in 2024?

Nagaland government employees can obtain their GPF receipts for the year 2024 from the Finance Department’s reputable website. Please follow the steps below to receive the Nagaland Employee GPF Slip 2024.

  • Visit the authorized website.
  • Nagaland employees must visit the Finance Department of Nagaland’s professional website (https://nlagpf.Gov.In/).
  • Select the GPF Tab
  • On the homepage of the legitimate website, select the “GPF” tab.
  • Enter Login Details
  • After tapping on this link, the GPF Statement download page will launch. Select the GPF Series and then input the GPF account number and PIN. Select the sign-in icon.
  • Choose the 12-month
  • After logging into the website, select the desired year from the drop-down menu. The GPF slip for the selected 12 months will appear on the screen.
  • Download the Form GPF
  • Download the GPF card and print it out for future reference.