WB JEXPO Model Paper 2024 Exam Syllabus 2023

JEXPO Model Question Papers with Sample Test Pattern, Syllabus 2023 West Bengal State VOCLET–2023 JEXPO Council Of Technical Education A Statutory Body Under Government Of West Bengal WB JEXPO Kolkata Karigari Bhavan 2023 Model Question Papers with Sample Test Pattern, Syllabus to be held on 12th April 2023 Online.

Are you looking to get model questions, sample test pattern, important Questions, syllabus etc for JEXPO 2023  West Bengal. Most of the applicants are preparing for the exam in advance and finding the Model question papers through on line. Only the selected students from JEXPO will be admitted in any one of the diploma courses in government colleges,

JEXPO 2023 Syllabus Previous Year Questions & Model papers Download West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Diploma Board Official web Portal in download the model question papers of JEXPO exam which will be conducted every year on April 2023

So Get Syllabus in all Subject is he JEXPO 2023 Physics syllabus comprises of System of measurements and measuring devices, Matter & energy, Change of state, Rest and motion, displacement; speed Velocity and Acceleration, Newton’s laws of motion, Work Power Energy Light, Sound, Stricture of atom, Properties of gases-pressure and temperature, Avogadro’s law, Simple weight-weight calculation using chemical equation, Heat, Light:Lens and Dispersion, Current electricity and dispersion, Current electricity and electromagnetism, modern physic the State Council of Technical Education of West Bengal. As the qualification for this exam is 10th standard, the syllabus for this exam also follows is below

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