CBI Bank ATM Block, How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

For convenient cash withdrawals, the bank provides debit cards to all of its clients. Debit cards come in a variety of varieties to suit various purposes. purchase cum The use of a debit card makes it simple to withdraw cash from ATMs and gives options for making appealing cashless transactions. Holders of Salaried Savings Accounts utilise the Wonder Debit Card. It is a centralised location for managing savings and overdraft accounts.

CBI Bank ATM Block

Even if there is no balance, the cardholder can still make purchases with this debit card. The RuPay debit card is solely intended for usage within India. The Platinum debit card has high withdrawal and purchase transaction limits and is intended for HNI consumers. Debit cards from N+eXGen are designed for miners. The Platinum RuPay debit card is designed to be accepted both domestically and internationally. There are several ways for a client to ban a card whenever they wish to. To learn about all the methods you may ban your debit card, keep reading the article.

How to Block Central Bank of India Debit Card

Via a Toll Free Line, block a Central Bank of India Debit Card. To assist its clients, the Central Bank of India has established a number of toll-free lines. To receive customer-focused services, phone these free lines any time of day, including on holidays. If your debit card has been lost and you wish to ban it, you may do it quickly by contacting the toll-free number 1800 22 1911.

With the SMS service, you may ask to have your damaged or missing debit card blocked. The SMS facility is a contemporary means of communication that can be used for a variety of things. To get the desired outcome, you must submit the card block request in a precise format to 9967533228 from your registered cellphone number.

To block all cards associated with a particular mobile number,

SMS LOST to 9967533228 Example: LOST

To block a specific card number associated with a particular mobile number,

SMS LOST <space> card number to 9967533228

Example: LOST 5044370011112332

To block a debit card in a particular account,

SMS LOST <space> account number to 9967533228

Example: LOST 3333344554

An affirmative notice will be sent to the account holder’s registered cellphone number after a card has been effectively stopped. A relevant notification would be provided to the requestee in the event of an issue (unregistered cellphone number, incorrect account number, etc.).

Block India Central Bank Using a debit card through email, Emailing the bank with questions about debit card hot listing is another option, albeit the procedure could take some time and you might have to wait to hear back. Debitcard os@centralbank.co.in, debitcard@centralbank.co.in, and sm4atm@centralbank.co.in are the email addresses for communication.

Using a Central Bank of India debit card with online banking is blocked. Via the online banking service, you can also disable the debit card issued by the Central Bank of India.

  • Visit the official website of Central Bank of India.
  • Go to the cards section.
  • Select the option ‘Block Debit Card’.
  • Choose the account number whose debit card needs to be blocked.
  • You will get a notification that your card has been blocked.

Block the Cent mobile app using a Central Bank of India debit card. With your registered mobile number, download the Cent Mobile App. Search for the “Request for ATM (Debit Card) Blocking” option on the Cent Mobile App after logging in. To immediately block the card, select the option.

Using a local branch, block Central Bank of India debit card usage, If none of the aforementioned choices feel acceptable to you, you can also go to the nearby bank and request that your debit card be blocked. To ban or add your ATM or debit card to a hotlist, fill out the form below. The card would most likely be banned. To continue with hassle-free transactions, you may also fill out a request for a fresh issue of an ATM or debit card.